Get delicious looking cupcakes in Calgary from Cake Boutique!

Stylish, handmade, and gorgeously decorated with a swirl of buttercream frosting and amazing toppings, here at Cake Boutique, we fondly make all of our cupcakes by hand with immense care and attention from the finest fresh as well as natural ingredients that includes fresh milk, free range eggs, and real butter, just the way that will make you adore it. The evidence is in the eating and our cupcakes Calgary taste as good as they appear.

Our buttercream cupcakes Calgary can also be personalized to add your personal message in piped frosting on the upper layer of lashings of enticing buttercream cupcakes icing and can be presented in luxury gift boxes with beautiful ribbons. The cupcakes in Calgary from Cake Boutique make for a perfect gift as well as delicious treat, perfect for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and any other celebratory events. Just take a look at our cupcake menu and indulge your senses and try one of our delectably moreish cupcakes.

We deliver on the date of your choice, our integrated cupcake delivery service displays the date of delivery when you check out, which means you can relax and look forward to the arrival of your mouthwatering order. We normally need a minimum of 24 hours after getting your online order that has to be delivered. We ensure that our delivered cupcakes Calgary arrive at the destination in pristine condition.

Corporate clients

For our corporate clients, we also provide client-customized branding as well as packaging so as to suit their specific tastes and requirements. At Cake Boutique, we can supply large volumes for many events and promotional campaigns for the corporate clients. We have an impeccable reputation for our customer support and quality of our buttercream cupcakes Calgary.

Our delicious cupcakes in Calgary can be ordered online in whatever quantities you choose and also in boxes with luxury ribbons and can also be delivered with a gift message on a card. The decorations and sprinkles can be changed and customized as per your requirements.

Flavors of our cupcakes in Calgary

As cute and tasty as our cupcakes are, they also come in an array of flavors that are ideal for any palate. Crafted masterfully in our Cake Boutique bakery, we hand make all our cupcakes, so that you can choose to create your own favorite cupcake flavor box. You can simply select from a wide range of design options from intricately decorated toppers, fresh fruit creations, or your own edible image on the top and we will take care of the instructed requirements.

Perfect for all occasions; pick up a box of beautiful cupcakes as the perfect addition for the upcoming birthday parties or even as a surprise gift for a loved one or to celebrate that weekend approaching day in your office.

If you only require a minimum of six flavors then the possibilities of flavor combinations are limitless. Think red velvet with classic vanilla to daring mandarin and cinnamon, all the way through our super indulgent and renowned chocolate. We take care of baking your imagined cupcake creation, ascertaining that every single cupcake is decorated and sprinkled to perfection.

Our care for you does not end at the bakery as we also personally wait to hear from you on the cupcakes.

Choose cupcakes Calgary as an alternative to birthday cakes

Cupcake birthday cakes are now a standard alternative that has become the chief choice of many kids across the globe. When it comes to having a celebration cake at their party the cupcakes are normally considered to be delicious and fun.

The major reason for that is cupcakes are easy to serve and handled well by children which lower the cleanup hassle linked with serving individual birthday cake slices.

The individual cupcake boxes are an incredible way for the kids to take some of our beautifully decorated treats back home. It is not tough to find many cupcake boxes appropriate for the kids parties, some of the most popular choices include clowns, dinosaurs, trains, sports, superheroes, trains, animals, and much more.

Cupcakes for weddings

Cupcake wedding cakes have also now turned to be a trendy alternative for the couples to save money and keep the things simple yet spectacular, and individual cupcake boxes are an outstanding alternative to simplify the act of taking some delicious treats back home for friends and family members who could not attend the wedding.

We offer a wide variety of designs that are appropriate for all kinds of wedding theme or decorations. The ideal way to find the right kind of cupcake boxes is by checking out the options that we have listed on our website. You can also reach out to us to give us the details on the kind of customized cupcakes you want and we will take care of the making and baking procedure.

Our beautifully decorated buttercream cupcakes will also make for excellent personal presents for your family members and friends during the festive seasons. We also offer free shipping.

We just want to be sure of the date and time when you want your ordered cupcakes to arrive. Individual cupcake boxes are an excellent way to make it simple and easy for your guests to take additional cupcakes back home so that they can share them with their family members and friends who could not come to the event.

Design and taste matters

On our website, you can buy cupcakes like red velvet, pineapple, orange, blueberry, strawberry, and much more. There is no doubt about the fact that taste matters but it will also be a good idea to go for a flavor that you like or you know that your recipient likes. As a matter of fact, go for the cupcakes that look striking because what makes cupcakes great is the perfect combination of design and flavor. Therefore, just instruct us the kind of design you want and we will make sure you get better than what you imagined.  

Take all the time you need to check out our collection.

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